Become a BUF Team Member & Get Free Stuff!

Becoming a BUF Team Member is easy! E-mail photos, videos and blog text to! We’ll post it to our website and send you some free gear!

Photos & Text Description

Just send us your photos, video and text description of your Sand Blaster Bait Caster fishing trip.

  • photos with you, your caster and your catch
  • a text description of the days events (be creative and include as much detail as you want)
  • please include dates and location of your fishing trip
  • we’ll send you:
    • 6 pack of bait molds
    • a 6 pack of sinkers
    • choose one item (retail value up to $40.00!)
fishing bait molds
Option 1: Free Bait Molds
6 pack fishing sinkers
Option 2: 6 pack BUF Sinkers

Or…Send Video & Text Description

Send us a video of you using the caster that you have either uploaded already to YouTube or that we can upload ourselves.

  • include video file or link to video
  • a text description of the days events
  • please include dates and location of where you’re fishing

Rules And Details

  • keep it clean (no nudity, foul language or obscene gestures of any kind)
  • make sure the caster, you and hopefully your catch are included!
  • the rest is up to you.
  • we’ll even pay the shipping!
  • e-mail all submissions to: