Customer Testomonies and Reviews

Luke-    “Thanks so much. By the way I’m sure you guys hear it all the time but, the bait launcher is the best thing I’ve bought in a long time. I had surgery on my neck several years due to trauma and I can’t cast anymore. Now I can.”

Aaron- “I love it! We take it every time we go to the beach and we launch a few baits out to see what we get! We have had it for a while now and we have a crate for everything so it is perfectly organized and easy to take places. It has held together very well and I clean it every time we get home when we use it. My friends and family think that it is one of the coolest things they have seen and prefer it much over kayaking the bait out over the surf. Not to mention they all like taking turns shooting out the baits. Overall, we are very satisfied with the product and will continue to use it for a long time!”

David- “This thing was AWESOME!!!! A tourist attraction as well. If I had 50 of your business cards I could have given them all away!!
Fishing in HH is not the greatest but we caught bigger Black Tips than we ever had before.”

Joshua- “just wanted to say thank you for the bait caster, my first cast with it landed me a 44″ Bull Red fish in Grand Isle, Louisiana !!!”

Cabo Gary- “Caught this nice rooster today. Fishing is just starting to get better now. Really happy with my Bunker Up Bait Blaster!”

“My name is Christina, I would like to share my Bunker Up! experience. I could not ask for anything more perfect. My husband has been surf fishing since he was old enough to say “fish on”. He learned everything he knows from his uncle…..until now.In a world where everyone is always in a hurry, everything is always about the all mighty dollar, and so many people are out for themselves, an experience like this is a treasure. A great memory that will be talked about and shared for years to come. You know if my husband couldn’t stop talking about the baitcaster before he got it, he definitely cant stop now. Money cant buy the experience we had, or the look in my husbands eyes.”

Shawn- “My name is Shawn Koehler from Rockville Maryland and recently purchased a bait blaster from bunker up. I have been surf fishing for more than 30 years and never have I had a tool that was so revolutionary that it changed the way I fish and present baits. My bait blaster allows me to present a variety of bait to where the fish live.
Everything is top notch from the fabrication to the rigs. When I set out to fish now it not a matter of if I’ll catch something it is how big and how long it takes me to get it in. With my blaster I feel I’m the king of the surf! Thanks for such a great product that produces quality fish and an exciting adventure.”