Boat Grill


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Solid stainless steel boat grill can mount into any fishing pole holder on your boat or dock. the grill comes with an electric start that simply takes a click of a button to turn on the flames. There is an attachment on the other side of the grill for a standard mini propane tank to produce the gas needed for the fire. These mini propane tanks can be purchased at most sporting good stores and hardware stores for about $2-$4. On the front of the grill is a thermostat for you to maintain the correct temperature. On the bottom of the grill there is a adjustable bracket that allows you to rotate the grill up and down, as well as 360 degrees. This bracket also comes completely off and there are folding legs for anyone who would like to use the grill on a flat surface. The pole mount that goes into the fishing pole holder has 6 groves so the grill will lock into place and not spin while the boat is moving. On the bottom of the grill there is a removable grease trap so that nothing drips. The stainless steel boat grill is meant to last and never rust. Nothing is better than a long day on the water and being able to grill up your food. This solid stainless steel boat grill comes with an adjustable bracket to level out the grill. The bracket is removable and has built in legs for surface use as well.