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The New compact sandblaster cannon has the same power and distance as the original sandblaster bait caster, but has all the parts attached (minus the barrel). The legs have 4 settings for different angles according to preference. The last setting allows you to fold up the legs into a locking position for easy transport. The barrel is now 5 feet long compared to the original 7 foot barrel. In addition to the unit being compact and easy to transport, the pressure launching handle goes down for more power and quick release. The entire unit is still made of 100 percent non corrosive material and solid stainless steel.

The compact sandblaster comes with the following:

  • Full unit
  • 6 Bait molds
  • 6 Pre rigged 8 ounces weights, with 9/0 hooks
  • D/C compressor
  • shock leader