Tall Boy Package


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The Fat Boy allows you to move your caster around the beach with ease. Those fat beach wheels and the cart system allow you to mount a caster, a cooler, and an air tank and has 4 fishing rod holder

Please note: The pictures & videos are for demonstration. The air tank and cooler are not included.

What you get:

  • Caster Includes
    • Bait Caster
    • DC air compressor
    • 6-pack of bait molds w/ 6-pack holders
    • 6 BUF Fishing Rigs
  • Fat Boy Cart Package
    • 1 BUF Pulling handle
    • 2 BUF Wheel Axel
    • 1 BUF Air tank Holder (Excluding air tank)
    • 4 BUF Rod holders
    • 2 BUF Beach wheels Max Payload per wheel 55kgs (121LBS) per wheel
    • 1 BUF Cooler box stand (Excluding Cooler box)
    • Please allow up to 7-14 days for shipping