Tall Boy Total Take Down


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  1. This is the total package deal! Everything you need to roll out and air up to catch the big ones!

This package includes the Sandblaster package, Co2 tank, Cooler, Fat boy package, extra set of bait molds, and the Tall boy extended 4 pole holders.

the Co2 tank can refill the sandblaster 35 times! The cooler mounts on top of the bottom rod holds and can fit easily two sets of bait molds while still on the clip. The heavy duty sand wheel can with stand large amounts of weight as well as go over rough terrain and sand.

Items include:

  • sandblaster kit
  • 12 bait molds
  • CO2 tank, hose, and regulator
  • ice chest
  • two off road wheels
  • two sets of bottom mount pole holders
  • one tall top pole holder
  • handle and bottom mount for CO2

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