You want some eyewitness expert testimony huh? We got testimonials from all over the world for you! Check out the fishing stories from happy Bunker Up Fishin’ Customers.

Rip Lopusnak - Malibu, CA

The BUF fishing system has changed my life and it will do the same for you. I’ve shot my launcher over 1000 times now and the only misfires were from user error and not a malfunction of any kind.  It has increased my fish count but most importantly it has increased my ability to fish. When […]

Rob & Brendan (Debo) DeBonis

  August 2014 I’ve been fishing for 40 years, and after thousands of hours, my son Brendan and I caught the 3 biggest fish of my life (and his at age 14) on the Ocean City, Maryland / Fenwick Island, Delaware line in August of 2014.  All 3 times we used a whole 12” fish […]

Oliver Roberts - Indian Pass, Gulf Shores, FL

“Let’s go fishing,” my son said. But there was a twist. He spent endless hours doing research. “Dad, I found it. The Sand Blaster” sold by Bunker Up Fishin. Dan was the man we sent numerous emails too. Any questions I had, he was more than happy to resolve it. We went ahead and completed […]

Jim Bridges - Newville, PA

Ocean City, MD – September 14, 2013 In June my fiancée bought me the Bunker Up Fishin’ Sandblaster Baitcaster, which has totally changed my beach fishing success. We go to Ocean City, MD about 10 times each year and have unsuccessfully attempted to surf fish off of the beach. A successful outing typically included catching […]

BIll Goff - Cocoa Beach, FL

If I had to sum up the sand blaster bait caster in one word it would be ….priceless. I will start from the beginning, and hopefully help some others save time and frustration along the way. I moved to Florida a little over a year ago with these dreams and fascinations of catching big sharks […]

Greg Gregory - Australia

Check out this great fishing video from Greg Gregory from Australia!

Mark Steinle - Murrells Inlet, SC

I went out to Huntington Beach State Park in Murrells Inlet, SC for the first time with my Sand Blaster Bait Caster. I loaded up my first shot with a Mullet + chum load and fired it with 80 psi. It went out about 250 yards. Within two minutes I got a strong hit on […]

Keith Huddleston - Magnolia Beach, TX

“Too old and beat up to Cast far? Too Fat to Kayak bait out through swells and waves? Well, Dan Triano and his Sand Blaster Bait Caster is the best fishing tool you can own. It was for me and I have too much fun watching others try to duplicate my results. It allows me […]

Neil & Oliver Roberts - Indian Pass

Pages The bait caster has been by far been the best investment we have made for fishing. As you can see from the photos, my son Oliver reeled in quite a catch; a 6 foot male bull shark. He makes all his own leads for shark fishing and was thrilled they stood up to the […]

Scott Gray - Brentwood, TN

Port St Joe, FL | November 17-23, 2012 This was my first trip with the Bunker Up Fishin’ Sandblaster Bait Caster.  Normally, to even have a chance to get to where the fish and shark hang out, you have to wade through the trough, over to the far edge of the sand bar, and then cast […]