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Awesome day fishing at the beach in Assateague

Sheri and I decided that we’d had enough of the grind and left early Friday for Assateague. As usual, when you think you’ve got the traffic beat, it comes and bites you in the ass. A tractor trailer flipped over and we negotiated ourselves around the mess by using a different route. The trip took a little longer than normal so instead of going straight to the beach we decided to go to the Ponderosa where Big Mike was waiting with some stinky ass bunker! I had some rigs all ready to go but putting on those nasty bunker almost made me throw up the nasty Chinese food we had just ate. Sheri went to the hammock in the back and Mike and I got ready for the next day of fishing.

I had recently purchased the new Penn spinning reel. This thing holds 600+yrds of 80lb braid! The only problem was that Cabelas didn’t have the line to go with it. Mike said he might have some line on some other reels so we spliced a few spools together and were able to fill up the monster reel. We called it a night and headed to Assateague in the morning.

We where meeting up with Mike’s friend Ricky and his son Maddox, both had never caught a shark from the shore before. We where also meeting up with Randy, our surfing buddy. We pulled in to find him trying out his new paddle board. We did our usual quick set up and had two baits way out there in a matter of minutes. It wasn’t long before Mike saw a little slack in the line. I grabbed the rod, pulled the slack out and looked at Randy. He said, “I think you got one Dano.” I felt a little tap and then down goes the rod tip. “Fish on!” I yelled. I instantly told Maddox to come over and grab the rod. We gave him some direction and his first “arm-reelin” pain journey began! He was a trooper and landed a nice dusky. I just couldn’t believe I had beat Mike to the rod! I thought this was going to be a good day. Just a few minutes after that, the big rod went down and I was standing right next to it! It was ripping out drag like a freight train. I felt the spool at one time and it was hot! Finally, he slowed and I was able to turn him around. By this time my arm was pumped and that’s a feeling I look forward to. The water was clear and clean and we knew right away we had a nice 150lb black tip shark! We got the hook out quick and released him unharmed.

The rest of the day was more of the same; bite after bite with everyone getting involved. I can’t remember a day when everything went so smooth. Dave Peterson and his son Ethan, were parked just down from us and watched us release the monsters. They weren’t catching anything. It wasn’t long before they made their way over to investigate the Sand Blaster. Ethan said, “Dad this sucks. These guys are catching one every cast and we aren’t getting anything.” I told his father Dave to hang out with us and we’d let them reel one in. We were eager to get his son involved blasting the Sand Blaster so we let Ethan blast the next bait. While this was happening our newest member to the team Chet and his girlfriend pulled in with his launcher, he said he was going down the beach to blast and he would catch up with us at the end of the day. He only had six baits and I knew that wouldn’t last long with the way the sharks were biting.

We continued our assault on the ocean and produced a bite on every cast! Everyone was able to reel one in. Ricky was the next to land a monster. It was a huge Sand Bar shark around the same size as the black tip but you couldn’t tell in the picture because Ricky is a big guy and the shark looked a little small with him as the scale! Sheri, Dave, Big Mike and Ethan would all feel the power of the beast in the next few hours. It was awesome how everyone knew their job and helped out. It was a total team effort and made the day of fishing a memorable one. Dave’s son Ethan was a huge help and made us all proud to have him on the BUF team! From bait runner to ram-roddin’ the bait down the barrel, he was all over it!

Nearing the end of the day, Chet rolled in to let us know he had a great day with 6 casts, 6 bites and landing 5 sharks! I added up the baits and realized between Chet and ourselves we had a 100% bite ratio. That doesn’t happen very often when you are fishing no matter what the conditions. We are so proud and happy when our customers pull in smiling from ear to ear! Bunker Up Fishin is all about getting the job done and catching fish. This past Saturday was another day that proves our point when you do the right thing and prepare yourself for success the Sand Blaster will not let you down!

We all left the beach at the same time due to a storm brewing but I can say in full confidence that everyone was pleased with the outcome and we all thanked each other for the team effort. The Sand Blaster has an amazing way of bringing everyone together and that’s exactly what happens when we hit the beach . Thanks to everyone that helped and a special thanks always to Mike, Kim and the Ponderosa for putting up the team for another great weekend of fishin. Kim had to work this weekend and we missed her. We’re looking forward to catching up with her next time. See you next week! If you’re in the area please stop by and we will be happy to show you what we do and how the Sand Blaster will change the way you look at Surf Fishin.