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BUF Kicks Off Shark Week at Assaateague

I couldn’t wait to go fishing this past weekend! I heard the weather and water was going to be prime for shark fishing. I also heard the moon would be full, which is always a plus when it comes to the night feeders! I headed to Assaateague early Friday morning. A few days prior, I had given my baited rigs to a customer named Steve so I had to hit Buck’s Bait & Tackle in the morning to pick up 50 fresh bunkers. I decided I would make up all my baits for the weekend that morning on the beach. I figured after loading them I would fish for some little fish while I was waiting for my bunker to freeze. It must have been my lucky day because when I pulled up to my spot I saw “Steve” the local guy who had just purchased the Sand Blaster and he just so happened to have a bunch of those baits I gave him. He was only to happy to loan me a few for the day.

We both blasted a couple baits and it wasn’t long before it was on! I was having a hard time making up my bunker baits because every time I started cutting them up my line went slack or my rod bent over! Steve had never caught a big shark from the surf so I was anxious for him to hook into a monster. He had bite after bite, every one snapped the line or split the hook. I could see the frustration starting to build because he was watching me land shark after shark. I think it was his 5th cast or so when, “zzzzzzzzz!” I could hear the line peeling out 75yrds away and I knew he had a big one. I was right…it was a 140lb. Dusky! He was thrilled and thanked me for everything. I was very lucky and happy that I got to witness his first shark from the shore. We wished each other good luck for the rest of the weekend and said our goodbyes with big smiles on our faces! A great day of fishing.

The next morning I was teamed up with Kim Costanzo from the Ponderosa. We were also meeting up with an long time friend of mine, Brenda Frantz. She told me her three boys would love to see a shark as well as the Bait Blaster in action. We met them at the ranger station, loaded them on the tail gate and headed out to our spot where we were also meeting up with Chet and his girlfriend Tammy. We pulled in and as usual had bait in the water in minutes. Brenda and her boys got to witness the first shot and the word that passed their lips was, “Awesome!” I never get tried of hearing that. Chet pulled in shortly after us but in this case the early bird didn’t get the worm. Chet was hooked up with a nice dusky shark in a matter of minutes. His next cast was a nice little spinner shark. I have to say I was getting a little shark envy. I called my girlfriend Sheri and told her Chet is whoopin’ my ass. She told me that I couldn’t let him catch more than me so I got serious and got some fresh bait in the water. I guess sometimes you need a little kick in the ass when someone is whoopin it! We blasted two way out there and it was around 20 minutes later we hooked into a bruiser!….a 150lb dusky.

The tide was going out and I remember the day before that’s when the bite picked up . Let me tell you the bite picked up and never stopped! Everyone got in the game. Joey, Stephen, Garrett, Brenda and Kim all got to launch bait and feel the power of the beast! We had so many bites Kim and I had double hook ups twice and nearly a third time but hers spit the bait! I was very impressed with the way everyone handled the rod. It’s not easy getting these bad boys in and to see everyone putting their all into it put a smile on my face. I was dealing with one shark while Kim was reeling in another. I almost forgot Logan’s Mom and Dad where also blasting bait to the right of us. We had three Bait Blasters going full force and believe me when I tell you there was no time to sit down! I was into a big one and decided I would let Stephen feel the power of a nice shark. He grabbed the rod and dug in. The shark started pulling hard, Chet and I watched as Stephen’s feet slid across the sand! He remained cool as a cucumber and fought it for a while until he finally told me to take the rod. I was already impressed with his resolve to take it to the limit. That’s what the Sand blaster does. It forces you to go to a place where you are tested in every way. Great job Tanya for landing your first shark! It was a nice spinner! The snappy little bugger almost bit me! I think we landed 14 Nice sharks between the three Sand Blasters definitely enough to work up a good appetite. I always pack my cooler full to feed the crew. I will have to get a bigger cooler for the next trip Brenda’s three boys can eat! These guys told me ahead of time they would probably eat everything I had! I thought, “yah right.” They weren’t kidding. It looked like wolverines went through my cooler they left no cake unturned! Glad I dont have that bill every week. HAHA. Growing boys gotta eat and we are only to happy to feed the machine that is the Bunker UP Crew. Thanks guys for all your help and giving it your all. I was impressed.

The next day we decided were going to tag some sharks. I had just made a new pliers that are more user friendly for the sharks and was anxious to try it. Ricky and Maddox met us out there along with Chet and his cousin Bill. I hope I got his name right! This time I had my Shark wrangler, Big Mike Costanzo and also had some help from our newest team member Shawn and his family. His two boys helped all day with the bait and rigs. I especially want to thank Clay and Lane for jumping on the truck and grabbing the baits. It was a big help. Right from the start we began tagging with the first shark and didnt stop tagging all day . We were able to tag 14 sharks ranging from 40lbs to 150lbs . Most of them were Dusky’s but we did tag two spinner sharks. Ricky banged a nice one and so did his son Maddox. Great job Maddox for reeling it in all by yourself! We fished for three days and landed 34 sharks. Our bite ratio was 100% and everyone got involved. I don’t think you could have a better fishing experience! Thank you to everyone that helped whether you were holding the pliers, getting bait, taking pictures or grabbing the rod it was all so greatly appreciated by my self and the BUF Team. We are heading down again this weekend so stop by and we’ll get you in the game!

Bunker UP!