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BUF finally had the opportunity to fish this weekend in our new spot on Assateague Island in MD on July 28, 2012. After several months of communication between the parks service and our company we were able to reach an agreement on the use of our product in the federal park.

The Sand Blaster Bait Caster has a specially designated stretch of beach between marker 22 and 27 in which we are allowed to blast bait. We just want to give thanks to all involved who made this possible. We are so excited to see the passion everyone has for our new way of fishing.

This past weekend was a blast as usual! We were able to show passers by our invention and they were blown away. BUF is also looking forward to maintaining our area and making sure everyone involved with BUF obeys the rules and launches only in the area designated for the Sand Blaster. We here at BUF are also very conscientious of any littering whatsoever. We believe in keeping the beaches and the ocean clean. A healthy resource benefits everyone, so leave only footprints.

This past weekend kicked off our first shark trip with Mike and Kim Costanzo, owners of what we call, “The Ponderosa,” a beautiful spread that houses the BUF crew while we’re in town. Kim’s sausage pie is sick! Mike has been laid up a bit do to a back injury but still managed to hang out for the better part of the day. I can’t wait until he’s back up to snuff so we can get some serious shark tagging done! He still managed to land a 40lber while I was in the dunes. That’s what Bunker Up is all about, getting it done even when it hurts. A special thanks to my girlfriend, Sheri who landed her first shark and helped me land two others, also a great job on the video.

The trip was more business then pleasure due tom the fact that we’re setting up a distributorship in Buck’s bait shop. Lang, the owner, loves the idea and sold one the first day we put it out. We will be adding many products to our line so check out Buck’s Bait and Tackle if you want to see or buy any BUF products.

This weekend coming up should be killer! I can’t wait to do some seriously fishing. Shark week is coming so it’s only fitting we’ll be out there battling the surf beast. If you’re in the Assateague area in the next two weeks, stop by Bucks or if you have a drive on pass head down to area 22. You’re sure to run into someone blasting bunker! You can also give me a shout at 609-903-4737. I’ll be there for ten days starting this Friday, 8/3 and be happy to meet up with you to open your eyes to a new way of fishin’. Bunker UP!

Pres. of BUF
Dan Triano