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“Bunker Shorts!” 7/29-7/30/16

This past weekend was my first trip with my custom painted caster.  On my way down, I reached out to my friend Chet and Tammy along with our new team member, Cleveland Tolbert and his friend Brad. They all said they would meet me out there Saturday Morning.  I arrived late friday afternoon and decided to go out and blast a few baits before the sun went down.  The first time I launched my bait blaster, I hooked into a 150lb. Sand Tiger!  I was unable to get a picture because I was there by myself so it will just have to remain, “My Fish Story.”  The next day we all met up at around 6:30a.m.

The tide was receding as we began our mission.  We were all anticipating a hook up right away but hours went by without a bite.  I felt like we needed a change so I changed my shorts!  I usually wear my stinky “Bunker” shorts but for some reason Chet and I decided to not wear our usual gear.  It wasn’t long after I changed my shorts Chet landed a nice dusky shark!  He said, “thanks for changing your shorts Dan!”  The tide had literally changed!  With the tide coming in, I hooked into another nice dusky and we all decided to blast some fresh baits.  With four fresh baits it wasn’t more then ten minutes and “Bam!” a double hook up with Cleveland and Brad.  We could see Cleveland’s line ripping out and knew he had a nice one.  Brad was also into a scrappy fighter.  We managed to land both of the sharks….Cleveland with the catch of a lifetime and Brad with the most unusual colored shark we had ever seen. It was hard to I identify due to its extreme dark shade.  You decide.

It was shark after shark for an hour or so and then Cleveland hooked into a monster stingray.  It took over an hour to get in and took everything we all had to get it released unharmed.

It was a four hour fishing “fire drill” but worth ever minute!  We were all exhausted and decided to take a break. That’s was a good thing. I rather be exhausted from reeling in fish then being exhausted from not!  Thanks to everyone that made this an incredible fishing mission.  Bunker Up For Life! Thanks Cleveland and Brad and thanks to Chet and Tammy who are an invaluable asset when it comes getting pics and releasing the monsters back to their home unharmed.  Great pics Tammy!

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