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Hey Bunker Buds!

Sorry, I’ve been slacking on the fishing blogs. I’ve been very busy building new casters and doing promotional stuff. So I’m going to wrap up the last few weeks into one bunker busting blog!

It started a few weeks ago when I met Logan, The Shark Wrangler, and his family on the beach. Congrats to him and his new baby…future shark wrangler for sure. The first few days were calm, without many hits then on the third day the truck count meter said 27 which is my birth date, so I was feeling lucky. About an hour after setting up, the boys with teeth showed up! Logan banged a 70lber and not long after that I landed a beautiful 150lb. Spinner Shark! We released both unharmed of course. We finished out the day and I planned to met up with him the following week.

I returned home to find I sold a few more casters so I had to bail on the upcoming weekend. After catching up I received a call from Logan saying he was still landing some nice sharks and that he was leaving the beach for home. I’m not sure what kind of shark he was holding sideways in his picture but it looked like a baby Bull Shark.

My next trip would be a solo one. The last weekend of August is usually a big shark catching week for the Bunker Up Team so I was anticipating great things. I got there early Saturday morning and met up with Mike Costanzo and Randy, my long time surfing buddy. I can’t surf but this guy makes it look easy. We blasted baits all day. The water was warm, the wind was right and we had our eyes peeled on the rods. To our surprise we only had one good knock down and when I grabbed the rod it was gone. We decided to blast one more bait. As I was pulling it out of the mold, I saw this lime green teaser skirt on the end of the hook inside the ice. I asked Mike if he put that on there and he said he didn’t. I’ve never made bait with one of those in there. We both looked at each other and agreed to blast it and see what happens. About an hour later we decided to reel in that line. It felt heavier than normal. I said, “there’s something on here,” as it made its way up the beach. We were surprised to see that we had caught a bag of Funion rings. The bag was the exact same color as the rig attached inside the mold. We both wondered what the chances of that were. We both agreed that it was too bad the bag wasn’t full because we both needed a little snack.

I don’t know what the problem was but we didn’t get a bite for the next few days. I decided to leave early Wednesday morning but before I left I just had to give it one more try. I guess it’s just the fishermen in me that always believes there’s a chance to get the big one! The day before, Kim Costanzo and I had a slight problem with the west wind and the flies. So before I emptied my tires I drove up to the public access and walked out. As I was walking out I noticed a couple just hitting the surf for a walk. They seemed not to be swatting at anything so I thought it was o.k. to go out. I drove over to the drive on I saw some flies building up on my truck but at this point, I was past the point of no return and it was time to Bunker UP! I hit the surf just ahead of the couple I saw just minutes before. I stopped them and asked if they wanted to see something cool. They both said, “Yeah.” I blasted one out there a mile and this guy was blown away! I told him I was glad he enjoyed it and asked him his name. He said, “Danny.” I said, “That’s cool. So am I.” I then asked his girlfriend her name. She said, “Sherry.” I said, “That’s my girlfriend’s name!” What are the chances of that?! Probably about the same as catching a green bag of snacks with a green fishing lure. I took a quick picture and they continued their walk. As they were heading back they were within 100 ft. of me. I asked the fishing gods to please give me a hit and, BAM, the rod went down!!! It’s like it was written in the stars. Danny and Sherry were lovin’ it. They both helped in the landing and picture taking. It was a 40lb. dusky… a nice, chunky little shark and well worth the trip on the beach. I decided to leave on a high note…thanking Dan and Sherry for the good Karma! Sherry is an awesome picture taker for sure. I headed home and as usual the next day I got some pictures from one of our Bunker UP crew, Mike Moss showing off his sharks and his smile!

That’s fishing. It’s hit or miss and when I see the smiles in the pictures it reminds me of why I love what I do so much. I’ll be heading to Assateague Island with my girlfriend Sheri this upcoming weekend so if you want to see what we do give me a shout I’ll blast a few out for yah! Enjoy these photos of the last few weeks.

Bunker UP!