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Shark Week, BUF Style!

The Bunker Up Boys ended shark week with a bang! I went solo to the beach this weekend because my boy, Doug had to stay home and be a dog whisperer. That’s a guy who gets stuck watching a dog when he should be fishing! I was a little disappointed that he wasn’t coming because he’s one of my close friends and wanted him to finally see what the Sand Blaster was all about. Hopefully, he’ll be able to get away from the kennel to make a trip someday.

I called Mike at the Ponderosa and told him I would be dropping a custom caster off at Buck’s Bait and Tackle. It’s an awesome piece and well worth the $10 raffle chance. Its custom painted by Robb Ortel of OCC and will be at Buck’s until the remaining tickets are sold.

It had been a long day of driving, so I decided to take it easy the first night. Kim, Mike and I drove to Peppers Pub and had a ridiculously priced awesome meal! If you want a bang for a buck, you need to check out Peppers on 611 just outside of west Ocean City MD. Just ask for Dennyo. He’ll hook you up. The next morning we hit Bucks around 8:00 a.m. to set up the raffle caster. Everyone was blown away by the paint job and sold some tickets right away. After that we headed to the beach. We set up an in a few minutes and busted a nice 150lb. dusky… lots of fight with the 150’s just a beautiful animal. We were also happy to find tons of bait fish in the surf. It’s always fun to catch your bait while you’re waiting for the monsters to hit. We managed to get a pile of hardy kingfish along with some spot and to my and Mike surprise, little trout as well. I mean small ones, around 4 to 5 inches. We through them back of course. I hadn’t caught one out there in 10 years! Good stuff for sure and a possible sign of good things to come. The next hit was a huge stingray… always a battle and just and awesome sight. We always fight them in and make our best effort to remove the hook before releasing them. Mike and I are working on a dolly of some sort to lift the head for easier release. I just hate the guys that cut the line when they know it’s a stingray. What a disgrace to leave a beautiful animal out in the ocean with a mess of line/hook and sinker attached to his face. I wonder if they ever think of what that would be like. They probably don’t otherwise they wouldn’t do it. The fish and the ocean are our most precious resource so we should all do our best to keep it clean and safe.

….back to the action! The last catch of the day was another nice dusky around 100lbs. When they’re that size they look like a little white sharks… very cool! Not long after releasing that fish we headed back to the Ponderosa for some of Kim’s meatball size burgers. I was eating them without buns… that’s how good they were. Why waste the stomach room on the bread? I decided that night that I would be up early to catch the morning bite. It’s always good to have your line in the water just before sunrise. Mike and Kim weren’t far behind. They pulled in as I was unloading the caster. Within a few minutes we had two baits way out there. We started our usual, “let’s catch some bait fish” protocol when WWHAMMMM! T there went one of the rods. A great start to a beautiful morning we all agreed. After that is was like a Chinese fire drill. Rod after rod went down. At one point, we had two 150lb. sharks at the same time. Talk about an adrenaline rush! The sharks were coming through the waves and we could see the whole shark connected to our line. When you’re standing in the water up to your waist watching a 150lber trying to shake the hook, it gets your heart going. Shark after shark came in mixed in with another 200lb. stingray. What a day! We cast fourteen baits and had thirteen knock downs. We would have had 14 for 14 but had to pull a line due to the stingray running in to it. One of the last monsters bit through the line as I was trying to grab him. He started heading back out to sea so I launched myself in to grab its tail. He gave me a little juke and was gone.

Shark fishing will always bring out the animal in you, one way or the other. I guess that’s why I love it so much. With them, you realize you’re not at the top of the food chain; especially when you’re flopping around in the ocean. What a rush and workout!

I want to say thanks to Mike and Kim for all their help. It’s nice to know you have people willing to jump right in and git r done. Big Mike landed two monsters this weekend. That’s not bad for a guy who just had back surgery a few weeks ago. Kim also landed some nice 60-80lbers. She always smiling when she’s reeling; that is unless Big Mike is breathin’ down her neck. I swear sometimes I think he’s going to yank the rod out of her hand. I have to say their enthusiasm is off the chart. You’ve got to see this guy spring to his feet when the rod goes down. Mike and I kid about it all the time… “You either got it or you don ‘t” and if you don’t you better find it. I can’t wait to get back down there this coming weekend. The bite is on so it’s time to Bunker UP! Look us up between markers 22-27. Who knows, Mike might let you reel one in.